JCCHS Athletic Booster Club

John Carroll Catholic High School Athletic Booster Club Board 2018



Emery Harris


1st Vice President

Jill Spero


2nd Vice President

Kristie Bauer



Chris Ragusa



John Willett



Father Gerald Holloway


Team Representatives:



Joe Marino


Basketball (boys)

Jeff Werszner


Basketball (girls)

Julie Langan



Kile Turner


Cross Country

Dan Gardner



Christine LaRussa



Dan Russell



Anita Shields


Soccer (boys)

Chuck Tuggle


Soccer (girls)

Chris Hooten



John Parker


Track and Field

Jill Spero



Pam Ragusa


Middle School (boys)

Kim Boackle


Middle School (girls)

Liz Elder



Members at Large:


Daryl Humes

Pam Reynolds

Wendy West


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Version I've been hearing about?


In addition to the traditional printed format, we will be publishing a digital version of the Sports Ad Book at no additional charge. Businesses who advertise in our Sports Ad Book will automatically be published in the digital copy with convenient access to their business website.


What electronic formats do you accept?


We accept almost any electronic format, both Mac and PC. This includes Corel Draw, Word, Publisher, QuarkXPress (8 or lower), Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and other graphics programs. You can also submit a hard copy of your ad, but it will need to be scanned to go in the Ad Book.


What’s the best format?


The very best format to submit an ad would be a high-resolution PDF, with all fonts embedded. You can email it to the address on your ad form or put it on disc or drive and turn in with your ad.


Where can I email my ad?


You can email the ad directly by clicking HERE


Please turn in a laser proof of your ad with your ad form and indicate on the form that you have emailed your ad. If the ad is larger than 20 MB or your email won't go through, email us for instructions on how to send your ad using FTP. Once you have emailed your ad, please make sure we send you an email confirming that we have received your ad.


Will you produce my ad, or do I have to do it?


We will produce your ad at no charge. Just make sure you supply copy for the ad and any pictures (unless you are using your sport photo), logos or art you want.


What is the best format for artwork if we are providing a hard copy?


Sharp, black and white artwork at a letter size is the best. But, we can handle just about anything, including business cards and letterhead. Any pictures that have already been printed in magazines or newspapers will not reproduce with good quality, but we can work with them.


Can I do my own ad?


Sure! However, if you’ve done your ad on your computer and you’re turning in a print from your printer, it’s best to include your original electronic file with your print. Laser prints or inkjet prints don’t reproduce well, and your ad might look better if you submit your original file, also. Please adhere to the sizes given on the ad sales sheet for your ad.


How many colors can my ad be?


All sportsbook ads are black and white, unless you purchased an Executive Sponsorship, Corporate Sponsorship, or full page color ad.


When are my ads due?


The last day that we will be accepting ads is June 30, 2016


When will the book be published?


The Sports Ad Book will be available at the Green and White Celebration on August 12, 2016.


What picture can I use?


You can use any picture, print or digital file. Most people prefer to use the picture taken for their sport. See your sport's representative on instructions on getting your child's picture made for their sport. If you indicate to use the child’s sport picture on the ad form, we’ll just pick up the photo taken by Belmont. Click HERE to go to the Belmont site.


What artwork do I need for a banner?


The artwork you provide needs to be in full color. The resolution should be 200 dpi at full size, which is 3 feet tall by 6 feet wide.


How many colors can you use in a banner?


You may use full color art in your banner. Banners are for Corporate sponsors only.


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