JCCHS Athletic Booster Club

John Carroll Catholic High School Athletic Booster Club Board 2018



Emery Harris


1st Vice President

Jill Spero


2nd Vice President

Kristie Bauer



Chris Ragusa



John Willett



Father Gerald Holloway


Team Representatives:



Joe Marino


Basketball (boys)

Jeff Werszner


Basketball (girls)

Julie Langan



Kile Turner


Cross Country

Dan Gardner



Christine LaRussa



Dan Russell



Anita Shields


Soccer (boys)

Chuck Tuggle


Soccer (girls)

Chris Hooten



John Parker


Track and Field

Jill Spero



Pam Ragusa


Middle School (boys)

Kim Boackle


Middle School (girls)

Liz Elder



Members at Large:


Daryl Humes

Pam Reynolds

Wendy West


From the President

Dear John Carroll Catholic Athletic Booster Club Members,


On October 5, 2015, I was elected to the position of Athletic Booster Club President. My husband Bill and I have had four sons graduate from John Carroll Catholic High School and we have one son who is a junior here now. Since becoming a part of the John Carroll family in 2006, I have held various positions on the PTO Board and the Athletic Booster Board. As I approached the role of President, I had a goal of evaluating our Athletic Booster Club program from a different perspective. I wanted to see what our program looked like, not from the eyes of someone who has been involved here at John Carroll for the last nine years but from the perspective of those who may be new to the John Carroll family or who may be considering John Carroll in their child’s future. What I discovered is that we are hungry for information, that no matter what age our students are, we who choose Catholic Education for our children, also choose to be involved. We look for opportunities to be a part of the activities that are important to our students and we want to give them every opportunity to succeed in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits.


In the last few months, the Athletic Booster Board has undergone many changes. The Bylaws have been revised and the new Bylaws have been adopted. Vacant positions on the Booster Board are being filled and your Team Representatives are adopting new ways to keep you informed of what is going on in the Athletic Booster Club. We are publishing the first ever Booster Club Newsletter and the Membership Program will be kicking off soon. As we make these changes, we will also be addressing our fundraising programs. The Advertising Book is the major source of support for our Athletic Program, so I hope that you will approach it with a new fervor in the weeks to come. Please know that you are a valued member of this process. I hope that in this new sharing of information, you will find many ways that you can become a more integral part of the Athletic Booster Club. I am excited about the future of the John Carroll Catholic High School Athletic Program and I look forward to sharing with you the many successes of our Student Athletes.


God Bless John Carroll and Go CAVS!


Wendy West

Athletic Booster Club President

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